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No More Tikka

As of today we will no longer advertise or sell Tikka products. Minimum Advertised Pricing is the issue. We have received numerious  automated communications via email stating our prices are too low. Excessive attempts where made on our part to correct this issue in order to become compliant. However, the manufacturer has failed to communicate the MAP to their own distributors or communicate with us further. When the distributors update the system pricing they switch the pricing back to the previously approved MAP that is no longer valid. This in turn puts US in violation. Since we cannot enfore their distributors to correct this issue, have ammoready genereate a fix or get the manufacturer to communicate with the distributor we ar...  Read More

MAP by the Horns

MAP or Minimum Advertise Price has become a pain in the ass for many business owners. The reason, lack of proper implementaion. At Iowa Gun we get our share of MAP violations and admittingly we inadvertently violated but we always correct the issue. For those not familier with MAP, this basically is the lowest advertised price you can sell a company's product for and that price is set by that company. When a business advertises below that price they can be nice and give a heads up or they can do the alternative which is place you on a suspension list and throw out "Violation of the MAP Policy is a serious offense, and can cause widespread market ramifications and harm to our brand in general. The losses to the Company resulting from o...  Read More

3 Minute Thursday

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Finally a social network we wont get banned using! We have been banned 3 times from Facebook and you can imagine losing all the followers, likes and reviews! We have had customers locked out of their accounts because they mentioned a firearm so this all has to change. This is why we are making our home at and they will have the exclusive coupons, offers, giveaways and more that are from us. Below is a giveaway we are currently sponsoring and check often because there are great offers coming in the near future that can only be found on! Help them reach 500members and the $25 can be yours!  Read More

Festivus For The Rest Of Us

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Check Back Soon

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Flash Coupon

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